Myrzagali AITZHANOV: We will certainly fight for gold medals
Myrzagali AITZHANOV: We will certainly fight for gold medals
At the 2013 world championship the national boxing team of Kazakhstan will do its best to achieve the objectives set to it. While all feel the responsibility for the performance, twice as much by the head coach of the team Myrzagali AITZHANOV. The mentor of the national team is filled with confidence in his trainees.

In the capacity of the mentor of the country’s key team AITZHANOV proved his competence. At the championship of Asia the existing national team did win a record breaking number of superior awards. In the run-up to the main competitions, RING.KZ talked to the mentor of our national team. — Myrzagali Kulanovich, would you tell us how the final stage of preparations for the world championship is going on? — We are doing the final stage of special preparations at the Olympic base of facilities in Novoalekseyevka village where we are having joint practices with boxers from Azerbaijan, Cuba and Ireland. Special attention at this training centre is focused on techniques, tactics, speed and strength training. Before we checked in at the Olympic base the national team held general physical practices at Sports and Health Improvement Complex Ak-Bulak where the guys fulfilled the whole scope of practices and bettered their functionality. The research group did a good job completing a huge amount of work. Their analysis proved that the condition of guys is close to the ideal. As ideal were the conditions under which the team practices. For that I should thank the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation and the Agency for Sports Affairs and Physical Culture of Kazakhstan. We conducted all the planned training sessions where the guys participated in all the targeted tournaments and there had been no disruptions or troubles. For the championship of the globe in general the team has had two sets of practices for special physical preparations, one for general physical training and five training sessions where the focus was put on the techniques and tactical training elements. Also the team participated in the health improvement training sessions in Turkey. At the joint training sessions we practiced with the world’s leading teams. This year, the members of the national team will participate in ten international tournaments, the championship

of Asia and the summer Olympic Games. Each number one of the team took part at least in three competitions. The guys are 100% ready for the world championship. In the course of preparations for the world championship our country did a huge work. The guys realize fully the scope of responsibility that we have to bear. The world championship will take place for the first time in Kazakhstan. This is a momentous event for us indeed. In 2013 the Kazakhstan boxing will mark its 80th anniversary and we will do our best to offer a nice present for the jubilee. —From among the London Olympic champions who will participate in the world championship? — Many of those who won the London Olympic Games have either turned pro or are winding up their carrier. As far as I know Jio Shiming, Rioto Murata, Vasily Lomachenko, Alexander Ussik, Anthony Joshua are now performing or are determined to do so in the pro-ring. Egor Mekhontsev is also planning to join professionals. Nevertheless, our supporters will be able to see the bouts of the winners of the world’s key starts in Almaty. As part of the Cuban national team came Olympic champions Robeicy Ramirez and Rosniel Satalongo. By the way, now they appear in heavier weights. — For the first time in eight years the country’s main team will not have its captain and many-year leader Serik Sapiyev on board. Do you miss this outstanding boxer in the team? — Of course. The approach of Serik to the training process and his dedication deserve the fondest words. Sapiyev is an example to many boxers. Over many years he performed at a high level and won in the amateur boxing all titles, to name it, the champion of Asia and the world, the Asian and Olympic Games, and was rightfully recognized as the best boxer of the Olympic Games in London. It was not by accident that Serik was appointed a UNESCO envoy for sports this year. — Could you characterize each member of the team. — Birzhan Zhakipov (49 kg) — a very hardworking dedicated boxer. Over the two Olympic cycles he was No. 1 in the team. At the Olympic Games in Beijing and London Birzhan was one step from medals. A wealth of his experience should contribute to the successful performance in Almaty. Sometimes Zhakipov lacks merely a stroke of sporting luck. I hope at the world championship a lucky strike will come his way and Birzhan will win first-rate awards. Iliyas Suleimenov (52 kg) he is an inconvenient boxer to deal with for his competitors, he has a varied arsenal of techniques and tactical methods and high speed. It is a big plus for him. Kairat Eraliyev (56 kg) — a highly skilled boxer. With a fortunate draw Eraliyev may be able to show high scores. He is a brilliant representative of the Kazakhstan boxing school — an attacking one with an abundance of constructive actions. Berik Abdrakhmanov(60 kg), although he does not boast an experience in appearing at the world championships and the Olympic Games, he is a boxer with huge potential. Berik is distinguished in many good qualities, including mental strength. Merey Akshalov (64 kg) — a real hard-worker. We admire the commitment Akshalov has. He keeps his opponent on the run in the ring: nobody keep up with the pace he sets. In general, Merey will fall over backwards in order to win. Daniyar Eleusinov (69 kg) – he does not need to be presented, everybody knows his strengths. Daniyar shows a smart technical boxing. In the weight category of up to 69 kg he is traditionally believed to be one of the most competitive in our country. Eleusinov manifested himself in a

new weight category at the championship of Asia in Jordan and now he is determined to achieve success in Almaty. With God’s will, Daniyar will be fighting for ‘gold’ not only at the World Championship but also at the 2016 Olympic Games. Zhanibek Alimkhanuly (75 kg) — an offbeat boxer who can equally land shots with both hands, fights greatly both at short and middle as well as long distances. Depending on which way the bout goes Zhanibek can readjust his style, work as number one or lead a bout with counterattacks. Of course, one of those who we place stakes on is Adilbek Niyazymbetov (81 kg) who is a world-level boxer. Under his belt Niyazymbetov has experience in participating successfully at the world championship and the Olympic Games. I think that time has come for Adilbek to trade silver in for gold and to do this trade-off at home with his home backers in attendance which will be twice as much more pleasing. Although Anton Pinchuk (up to 91 kg) cannot boast the required experience in participating at prime and vital international tournaments, however, with his diligence and character he is able to climb considerable summits in the sports of top achievements. We will hope that the world championship will prove successful for him. Well, at last, Ivan Dychko (over 91 kg). He is an experienced fighter who always fights for awards at all competitions. Despite being young, Dychko has been number one in the national team for the super heavy weight category over five years. Although Ivan is a super heavy weight, his movements in the ring are light and to a large extent he gets his own way owing to his excellent techniques and tactical actions. — At the last world championship the Ukrainian team shone. Do you think it is capable of taking the first place at our home world championship? — Boxing in Ukraine is in good standing but not as much as to allow the country’s national team to fight for the first place in overall standings. The Ukrainian team used to have the impressive leaders — Vasily Lomachenko and Alexander Ussik. Now the two boxers have turned pro. Only owing to those two boxers the Ukrainian team reached that serious level and constituted a threatening force. But I am confident that the Ukrainian national team can repeat the results achieved in Baku (4 gold, and 1 silver medals. — Author.). In my opinion, our main competitors will be the Cubans who will be fighting the leadership in the overall standing of the word championship. In the teams of Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, U.S., India and China there are few boxers capable of competing for the highest awards. The above mentioned teams have two or three top-class fighters. — Personally for you, the world championship in Almaty will be a second one in your term of coaching of the national team of Kazakhstan. Two years ago in Baku your trainees won four medals — 2 ‘silver’ and 2 ‘bronze’. Now it is time to get ‘gold’? — We will be fighting for the highest awards. The last two world championships the national team of Kazakhstan was left without gold medals, and in Almaty we will try to tackle the tasks set for us and win two gold medals. In sport it is hard to predict who will make it: you bargain for one but the podium will be taken over by another. Dark horses have always given surprises. I think this will be case this time too. Every member of the national team tries to show his best. Of course, primarily it is very important to have functionality and mental training but you should not forget about the luck that plays a crucial role in the sports as well.

— At the last championship in Asia the national team of Kazakhstan set a record in the number of gold medals won — seven highest awards. Can we hope that our team will outdo its previous achievements at the world championship? — We do not think of records. What is more important is that nothing unforeseeable should happen like injuries and so on. Our coaches do everything to bring the boxers up to the peak of their form for the World Championship. What is important for us is that the team will have a smooth performance. The more of our boys climb up to the podium, the more pleased the Kazakhstan supporters will be.


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