Day 1. The Day Session
Day 1. The Day Session
At 2:00 p.m. local time the first bouts of the 2013 World Boxing Championship kicked off in the two rings under the vaults of the Baluan Sholak Sports Complex.

The World Championship was opened with the boxers with the weight ranging from 52kg to 91 kg. As the new rules stipulate the hosts of the ring should skip the first round of tournaments, so our boxers will have their first bouts on October 18 only. However, on the first day the two bouts, which decided who would be the opponents of Ilyas Suleimenov and Anton Pinchuk, hold our attention.

The first official bout under AIBA’s new rules between Angolan Vivaldo Rodrigues and U.S. boxer Malik Jackson climaxed in a win inside distance gained by the U.S. boxer after he knockdowned his opponent twice in the middle of the second round. Now the winner will meet Andrew Selby, the first boxer seeded in this weight. Good performance demonstrated the boxers who came to prominence at the World Series of Boxing and who hence had experience in boxing without headguards. In parallel bouts in the two rings victories went to Moldavian Alexandre Riscan who defeated an Indian boxer Lal Medan participating under the banner of AIBA and to British Charley Edwards who pressed on his Nigerian opponent Olayinka Yusuf throughout all the three rounds towards a confident defeat. Now Riscan will challenge Kyrgyz Azat Usenaliyev while Edwards will contest Kenyan Simon Nzioki towards the next round.

As was mentioned before, our particular interest was fixed on the bout between an Australian boxer Andrew Moloney and a Sri Lankan boxer Dilanka Pattiarachchi in the 52 kg weight. Both boxers had an active start but slowed down their pace slightly by the middle of the second round. The Australian fighter put a focus on counterattacks while his rival chose to work in the opposite style as the number one taking advantage of his height. However, based on the outcome of the bout, Moloney who scored 3:00 will be the competitor of Ilyas Suleimanov.

While the first knockdown occurred in the first bout of the flyweights, the first cut was recorded in the first bout of the heavyweights. A bout between Turkish Seyda Keser and Nigerian Efetobor Apochi turned out to be a spectacular one. In the first round the Turkish boxer who at first sight was perceived as not geared up for that fight had enough of boxes on the ear from his opponent and was even once knocked down. However, despite the late cut Keser tried hard to turn the tide but the Nigerian was truly a good fighter. There came a second knockdown at the end of the third round and finally Keser lost to Efetobor Apochi.

Interesting was the bout between heavyweights Miguel Correa from Chile and Stephen Lavelle from Scotland. Keeping an easy pace, the Chilean was just a bit preferable during the three rounds but that appeared to be enough to award him the victory. In another relatively flat bout for heavyweights (91 kg) Sweden Gabriel Richards vs. Sandro Dirnfeld, the former needed only a slight edge over his opponent to gain the victory in a split decision of the judges. At the beginning of the second round Korean Jinho Heo caused the referee to use his fingers to count for his opponent Greek Fotios Arapoglou compelling the latter to make mistakes until the end of the bout and received remarks from the referee and as a result to end up in disqualification two seconds before the end of the bout. Unlike that one, the bout between Kenyan Daniel Shisia and Danish Jim Andreasan was utterly boring, with Andreasan winning. A good fight was performed by Croatian Marco Calic confronted by an Australian boxing glove master Jason Whateley. Doing the excellent legwork, Calic literally made his opponent run around after him. This tactic paid off taking Calic to the next round. Jakhon Qurbonov from Tajikistan lost to his Georgian opponent Levan Guledani in a unanimous decision of the judges. In the second circle the Georgian fighter will oppose the renowned Italian Clemente Russo. The concluding bout in the day session was between Russian Evgeny Tishchenko and U.K. Warren Baister. Both are tall and prefer an open attacking style and so they delighted their fans by a really remarkable boxing. The judges had hard time to make a final decision. However, the Russian team won their first victory 3:0. In the next bout Tishchenko will confront Belarusian Sergey Korneyev.

The evening session commences at 7.00 p.m. immediately after the opening ceremony of the World Championship due to begin at 6.00 p.m. The weight categories are the same with the range from 52 kg to 91 kg.


Zhanara Utesheva

Photo by Izturgan Aldauev

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