Birzhan Zhakipov is our first world champion’ 2013!
Birzhan Zhakipov is our first world champion’ 2013!
 Today the most experienced boxer of the Kazakhstani National Boxing Squad Birzhan Zhakipov won the main award in his carrier– a golden medal of the world championship! A comfortable victory our boxer had been striving to gain throughout his sports carrier was attained with confidence and great mastership as if he was making no effort.

 The tournament bracket turned out to be perhaps one of the most difficult for Birzhan Zhakipov. On his path up, he beat Russian Balik Galanov and then made it past an old acquaintance of his Hasanboy Dusmatov from Uzbekistan and then he won over Anthony Chacon Rivera from Puerto Rica. In the semifinal he gained a win over Cuban Yosbani Veitia Soto and today he scored 3:0 winning Mohammed Flissi from Algeria.


“Algeria has no boxing school as such, they just put up a fight. Hence the tactics was to work at a distance keeping the counterpart away from oneself which is what I did. Many thanks to all supporters for their support! This world championship was the main challenge of mine and what will come next we will see,”- a happy boxing master said.


Our congratulations on our first world champion’ 2013!!!


Details and comments on the battle can be found in the final material about World Champion’2013!

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